;Documentation for project X
; Project X
; Created By Adam Davis
; On xx/yy/zz
; Purpose:
;   To test the feasability of placing HTML code into an ASM
;   file for documentation purposes, and have it read by either
;   an assembler or a browser.
;   0.01  Created program, no features as of yet, just a simple test.
;The source code is not visible in an HTML viewer/browser

This program merely sets portb as output, then toggles its bits every 3 instructions.

It was built to test how easily one could have a dual ASM/HTML file that is read and understood by MPASM and HTML viewers. The limitations are:

But these are certianly bearable/mild limitaions. It would mean that you could open up your asm files in an HTML reader and have a formatted document about the program in the file. No more seperate files for documentation and program. No need to fire up another editer every time you modify the program, and never a good excuse not to keep the documention up to date, you can change it right inside your favorite IDE.