M. Adam Davis

3078 Roundtree Blvd
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
734 528-1925


A position in the computer/electronics industry that utilizes my experience and provides opportunities for growth and development.

Work Experience:

BalaDyne Corporation Ann Arbor, MI
Systems Technician April 1998 - Present
    BalaDyne is the world leader in active machine balancing.
    Develop and debug Visual Basic programs which control and collect data from balance controllers. Maintain and troubleshoot Novell Network (NetWare 4.11 file and printing services), desktop and laptop systems for internal use, ISDN for Internet connectivity, and externally hosted internet domain. Maintaining and interconnecting internal databases and programs using Access and Visual Basic. Converting programs to be compatible with Japanese systems using DBCS character encoding while insuring data integrity.
    Strengthened knowledge of Visual Basic, specifically serial communications, data processing, and database access. Ability to move quickly in/with a small corporation, keeping up with changes in processes and needs. Heightened sense of awareness at how my work affects company as a whole.
Micro Basics Ypsilanti, MI
Owner, Computer Consultant 1991-Present
    A small computer business providing customized care and solutions to families and small businesses for over ten years.
    Assemble, troubleshoot, test and install personal computers for clients. Maintain records and data pertaining to customers. Keeping up with developments and changes in the personal PC market. Discovering the needs of customers and fulfilling them in the most effective manner, taking into account cost, reliability and customer satisfaction of the solution.
    Extensive knowledge of PC hardware and software and the interoperability of systems. Strengthened self-motivation. Knowledge of small business laws, taxes, and regulations. Ability to develop and execute business plans.
National Tech Team Southfield, MI
Systems Installation January 1998 - April1998
    Provider of desktop support services.
    Work with a team of eight to deliver, install and configure thirty to fifty PCs daily for Ford Motor company in and around Dearborn, MI.
    Developed strong teamwork skills, ability to develop efficient plans and processes to complete semi-repetitive work quickly. Experience working in large corporate environment, with a strengthened ability to summarize and report to others.


 Saline Area High School
   Graduated 1994

 Washtenaw Community College
   1998 - Present
   GPA: 3.6 with a total of 57 credits


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Salt Lake City, UT
Service Missionary September 1995-May 1995
Receptionist, Assistant Network Administrator May 1995-October 1997
    General community service. Help Network users with software/hardware problems. Assist in installation and maintenance of Novell Network. Answer phones, sort and forward 100+ pieces of mail daily. Put together 4 page newsletter, and distribute to 600+ individuals. Prepare and send monthly bulk mailing(300+ pieces).
    Increased leadership and interpersonal skills. Contact management.

Computer Skills:

   C, C++, Basic, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, PHP, PERL


   DOS, Windows 3.X, Windows 9X/NT/2000, FreeBSD, UNIX, LINUX

   Microsoft: Visual Studio, Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Front Page, Internet Explorer, Outlook; Turbo C++, InstallShield Express, Netscape Communicator, Netware 4, MySQL, Xitami (http/ftp server)

Other Information:

*Accepted to University of Michigan for Spring/Summer 2001 to major in Electrical Engineering as a part time student.
*As a hobby I design circuits and program 8-bit microcontrollers for home automation, theater, and DJ use. I program in assembly and C, and maintain an active web resource for various microcontrollers.
*References available