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I am looking for ways to recover some of the costs associated with this web site. I dislike banners, so I won't use them anytime soon. However, I do have some unused space which I can set up Frontpage Webs in.

This space could only be accessed by frontpage, no FTP or unix account. Any CGI scripts you want on here would need to be passed through me, since they could affect other parts of the site. This server does support SSI.

The cost is $1 per month per megabyte of disk space. Your URL would appear as "".

If you only have a simply site, few graphics, but wanted to try Frontpage you could easily fit it all in 1 MB. If you would like to use more than 10MB then I can suggest a few hosting services that you would get more out of for your money. I am not yet accepting credit cards, so a check drawn on a US bank can be sent to me after contacting me via email. If you contact me during the week I will set it up within a day, and expect to receive the check within 15 days (yes, I trust you.).  A $5 minimum applies to each payment.  If you only want 1MB then that payment would last for 5 months.  If you go over your amount of space, I will assume you want more, and charge you for the extra space.

I will not let any obscene, offensive or illegal material on this site (ie, under the domain of UBASICS.COM). Anyone posting such material will have their files removed without notice. I would refund money on a prorate basis if this takes place. Hopefully that won't happen, though.

Email me with your request.

Everything on/in this site is copyright Adam Davis, 1999, except where otherwise noted
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