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I recently picked up several 2x16 backlit and 2 4x40 (nonbacklit) LCD displays from Marlin P Jones and Associates ( and over the holiday break hooked them up to my computer using David Tait's C program. I've created a QBasic program as an excercise to familiarize myself with controlling the HD44780.

The 4x40 display did not come with any data, so I traced the PCB and found which pins do what. The resulting pinout is here.

I intend to put up the circuit diagrams and programs I am using. This is the start of my home automation. I will have the 2x16 LCDs in each room with a keypad networked together with a main controlling computer for now.

CC5XLCD.C(5KB) is the code I use to control the LCDs through their 4-bit interface. It is in C, and should compile under most PIC C compilers for most variants. Please email me if you want an assembled version.

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