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TI-85 for Sale


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This calculator has been sold! Sorry.

I am selling it, with the manual, original packaging, and link cable for $60.00 US Dollars. This price will include UPS ground shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states in the US. If you have other shipping options I will take $5 off, and charge you the shipping fee. The rom version is 9.0.

This price is $25 less than at Calculators, Inc, who have, in my experience, the best prices for new calculators anywhere. It is over $40 less than a new TI-86.

Click on thumbnail to view larger pic. Scanned items at 100dpi.
Tcalc.jpg (5754 bytes)
Tmanual.jpg (2777 bytes)
(never used)
TPackageFront.jpg (4261 bytes)
TPackageBack.jpg (4005 bytes)
Tcable.jpg (2970 bytes)
Calc to Calc Cable (never used)
(Items scanned turned out very dark. Used a program to modify the dynamic range, but some colors may not look exactly right. I'm partially colorblind, so I don't care :-)

My wife lost her TI-85 several years ago, bought another one, and found the old one. The new one she bought she put away, it had been used very little. I used it recently until I obtained a TI-89, and have no more need for it.

The calculator, manual and cable are in mint condition. No scratches, etc. The packaging, of course, is cut open, and has minor blemishes. If requested, I will load any software you send me before I ship it. I will include new Duracell AAA batteries, and will verify operation of the coin battery (if it is low, I will replace it as well).

You can expect to recieve a calculator which will work upon opening the package, but I will not gurantee the unit. It works great, but I can't sell it to someone who takes it apart, breaks it, and sends it back saying it didn't work when they got it. If it is broken in transit, you will need to take the issue up with the shipper (although I will insure it with the shipper for $95).

Send check or money order. Once your funds have cleared my bank (or within one week of receiving your check) I will send the calculator. COD may also be arranged, if needed.

If you have any questions, or wish to purchase it, please contact me at I usually have my email open from 9-5 EDT, and will answer your email within a few hours of receiving it.

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