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I've found it to be a major inconvenience when people move or remove valuable resources that I like to use. Unfortunately no one is to blame, I just get frustrated thinking, "Well, I finally need to generate TV signals with a pic..." Trying the link I saved just for this occasion, and finding out it's gone.

Realizing that this may be a valuable resource to you, and knowing that you may not wish to d/l the entire thing "just in case", you can put your email here, and I will contact you when things change in a major way.

If I ever make this into a database searchable resource, or remove major chunks of it, or something I think is rather noteworthy, I will email you. Chances are you will recieve a subscription notice, and not recieve anything for several months. I don't plan on turning this into a mailing list.

I will not use your email in any way other than to notify you of significant changes. I will not distribute or sell this information.

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