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I started out with the basic stamp. I think I used two of those before I decided it was too constraining for what I was doing, which was light control (sequencers/dimmers for DJ and theater applications)

I then used the Parallax PIC programmer with the 16c84. That was so I didn't need an EPROM eraser for the PICs. However, I then left for two years to serve as a missionary for my church, where I did nothing with electronics.

When I returned, I was busy with work, but when I did get back into it, I found that the Parallax programmer was not really receiving the support I needed it to have. Whereas I found the Picstart to be always up to date. The definition files are released before the PICs are actually in production, so I can simulate them before asking for samples, and in the time I've owned it, Microchip has released 1 firmware upgrade, and two MPASM upgrades, both for free. The Parallax programmer required a new firmware upgrade for nearly every new PIC that came out. I didn't want to deal with that for any other company or do-it yourself hobbyist programmer, where the author would move on to other things, or start selling upgrades. So, for me, the Picstart was well worth the money I paid for it.

The AVR, while faster, and with a supposedly easier mnemonic assembly set, is not readily available in the wide variety and at the low cost that the PIC is. I will probably build a simple programmer and try one out sometime, but I can't depend on getting the parts I need when I need them.

I do not use many of the other available uControllers partially because I do not know very much about them, partially because PIC got to me first, and it suits my needs, and partially because of the expense involved in switching.

I am planning on choosing a 16 bit processor in the near future to experiment with.

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