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  • Tuesday, 4-Apr-00
    Sorry there haven't been any recent updates. Our new baby decided to come three weeks earlier than his due date! He is a healthy happy boy, named Grant Adam Davis.
    I have succesfully changed out the '66 for an 'f876 which has greatly sped up the development cycle. I am going to work on the network protocol next, and develop some bootloader code so I can reload the code remotely, which will be another speed improvement in development time. Of course, having a new child is slowing this process down considerably, so things may go a bit more slowly.
    The only code change needed for the PIC change-over is setting the ADCON registers so PORTA is all digital. I will not post a code update for that unless you request me to, it is a single line addition. Expect the next code update to be near the end of April, if not sooner. Bug me if you don't see anything change by then!
    I reset the access counter (at the bottom of the page) at the beginning of march, and am pleased at the traffic. This is motivating for me, so keep checking back and I will likely work more on this.
  • Thursday, 24-Feb-00
    I finally scanned in a rough schematic, which is found below. I didn't do anything last night as I am re-wiring my basement (see note beneath the schematic). I should finish up tonight, and maybe I can calibrate the temp sensor tonight. I'll be purchasing some 16C87x chips today to use, and hopefully I will have a few terminals placed around the house by the end of next week.
    This page is getting pretty large, so I'm going to break it up at my next update so it loads faster.
  • Wednesday, 23-Feb-00
    I've placed the code on this page. Both the C file and the assembly file (with C comments) are here.
    I changed the functionality of the esc character. If you send two in a row, it replies with the temperature reading. I have hooked the thermister up to the PIC and it is reading well. I'm going to change it a little bit, and calibrate it today. The code does have the readpot() command in it for the thermister reading.
  • Thursday, 17-Feb-00
    Finally have a prototype set up, which has the functionality of a very dumb terminal. Created this page to cover the progress of the project

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