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This page documents the progress of my HAT, or Home Automation Terminal. While I intend to keep the source open, I will likely only release it occasionally after periodic clean-ups. I realize that I may be re-inventing the wheel in a lot of areas here, but I want to make this as open as possible and therefore don't want to borrow or study code which may be copyrighted by others. I have not chosen a licensing scheme, chances are it will be closer to BSD than GPL, but we'll see.

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  • Friday, 19-Apr-2002
    VER 0.1.1
    Going though and changing my email address. Sorry there's nothing new yet - perhaps this summer!
  • Tuesday, 18-Apr-00
    VER 0.1.1
    I've changed both the circuit and the code. They have been changed so the LCD is using more of PORTC than PORTA, which frees up 3 A/D channels and TOCK1(PORTA:4) for other uses. The first A/D channel is now set up with the thermister and another resister to take temperature measurements, and the POT function has been removed. When the computer requests a temperature, it starts the conversion, and continues its operation, checking occasionally to see if it's done. When it is it sends the two bytes (10 bits) to the computer. Currently I am using no interrupts, and the code is designed such that interrupts can be used without worrying about timing or other issues.
    I've also split the pages up, and added an Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the schematic(8KB).
  • Wednesday, 12-Apr-00
    VER 0.1.0
    Quick update - Have updated serial port software (thanks Malcom Kemp!) page with newer version of the software. You can now select the port settings, as well as the port.
    I've finished one of my other smaller projects, so I can get going on the HAT again. I would like to have a simple multi-master protocol set up in the next week. We'll see how it goes.

Older news and updates


As noted under Description I intend this to evolve into a general home automation terminal which will display and control a variety of information. The next few steps are (mostly in order, key for X's at bottom)

xblue.gif (873 bytes) Temperature sensing (have thermisters now, may change to Dallas one-wire or other sensors if time and resources permit)
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Music - I'd like to be able to send QBasic like play statements to play short musical pieces "cdefg>ab" (May not happen)
xdkgrey.gif (873 bytes) Protocol - I need to design first a Master-Slave protocol for an RS-485 network, controlled by a computer in the basement. Perhaps I'll jump straight to multi-master.
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Put the RS-485 chip in and design a computer interface at both the hardware and software level for the 485 network.
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Wire the house
xblue.gif (873 bytes) Redesign the unit for a flash uController such as the PIC16C8xx line
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Place a few test units around the house
xred.gif (873 bytes) Design the Heater, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Controller and hook it into the network
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Set up a computer to master the system, and get info from the internet periodically
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Place door/window sensors
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Place IR-motion sensors in each room
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Re-design protocol for peer-peer intelligent networking, ideally no computer needed.
xblack.gif (873 bytes) Decide how to handle music/MP3/intercom integration
xblack.gif (873 bytes) =Waiting xdkgrey.gif (873 bytes) =Designing xred.gif (873 bytes) =Prototyping xpurple.gif (873 bytes) =Coding xblue.gif (873 bytes) =Done

I Want One!

I'm glad! I'd like to have many people involved in this project. If anything is unclear on this page or in the schematic, please email me about it. I would like to make this as simple and easy to follow as I can. I will be composing a FAQ later as more questions are asked, so please check back.

I will likely sell programmed chips and some parts, perhaps kits, in the future if there is any interest. Please contact me to show your interest. Note that this will not occur until I reach a certain point which is not yet determined, but will likely be just after I design the network protocol. These are flash based, and I am designing them such that they can be re-programmed from the master computer on the network, you will not have to uninstall or remove them from their locations to re-program them (except under catastrophic failure).

If you are a software/hardware developer/hobbyist, and want to participate in the development of the system, or simply have suggestions, pointers, etc, please don't hesitate to contact me. If there are enough interested I will see about developing a code repository so that we can get updates and changes done more quickly.

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